Madison Digital Marketing

We start by learning everything we can about our digital marketing clients’ business and then we get to work creating a digital marketing strategy, customized to help you achieve your digital marketing goals and produce more conversions – both online and in person. Our digital marketing focuses on bringing you a high ROI, by using locally targeted digital marketing strategies.

Locally Targeted Digital Marketing

You have a small local business so why advertise or market outside your local area? We are Madison locals like your business and we target your local Madison area customers within 15-30 miles of your location.

Locally Focused Digital Marketing

We tailor your Digital Marketing to your Madison Area business, not just your industry. Marketing in Madison is not the same as marketing in New York City or San Francisco -consumers want to buy locally.

Affordable Digital Marketing

We offer competitive rates for digital marketing in the Madison area, that will allow you to get a much higher ROI on your Marketing in the Madison area.

Effective Digital Marketing

Our Madison Digital Marketing clients are happy, because our digital marketing experts in Madison have been deliver results for their clients for over 10 years.

Why Digital Marketing Works in Madison

About 10 years ago Google started focusing on location-based searches when people were looking for an in-home service company in Madison, a local Madison bar & grill, or even the local Madison cheese store or Artisan shop. This is great for the consumer but the old methods of marketing and networking, print ads, radio ads, TV commercials (builds brand recognizability for the big boys) and phonebook ads no longer work nearly as well as they used to.

When someone wants to find a business, product, or service they look online. Even the radio stations, newspapers and TV stations are turning their focus to their digital teams to try and increase the ROI for their marketing customers. Our digital marketing experts in Madison have seen ROI’s over 10 to 1 for some of their digital marketing customers!

This is where our digital marketing experts in Madison, Wisconsin come in. By creating the right digital marketing strategy you can increase your sales, retain customers longer, and even get some of your competitor’s customers to switch over to you.

How is digital marketing disrupting your industry in Madison?

of shoppers do research online, but prefer to purchase offline
of all searches for Food & Beverages are done on mobile devices
of consumers are willing to travel to an inconvenient location for an attorney with a better online review
of all Searches in the U.S. are done on Mobile Devices

How Much Does Digital Marketing in Madison Cost?

Digital marketing is very unique for each business. Many businesses allocate a percentage of gross revenues to marketing, usually between 5–10% for small businesses. But the correct amount actually depends on several factors, including your industry sector, your business capacity, the amount of growth you can reasonably handle, and how quickly you need to make an impact. Evol Marketing will focus on the cost per conversion. By reducing your cost per conversion you will be able to get more customers at a lower cost than more traditional marketing like Radio, TV, magazines & Newspapers.

Talk With an Expert

Create a digital marketing strategy for your Madison area brand and your local Madison area customers, your digital marketing strategy includes:

  • A digital marketing analysis of your digital presence in Madison.
  • Expert localized search engine optimization  recommendations.
  • Review your local digital presence in 77+ major local online directories and the major search engines.

Need a Website? Not a Problem!


The most important part of your marketing is your website. Having a professionally built custom website will attract more customers and drastically increase your online conversion rate. Evol Marketing offers two options: Outright purchase of your website starts at $3999 and increases as you add more functionality, graphic design, videography or additional pages. The second option a rent to own website program that starts as low as $149/month.